Frommer Lawrence & Haug actively recruits law students from leading law schools throughout the United States. If you are a law student at one of the law schools we visit, we encourage you to sign up for an on-campus interview during recruiting season.

In 2005, we have visited the following schools:


July 28      Loyola
July 29      Loyola
July 30      Loyola


Aug 08      Brooklyn Law School
Aug 10      Cornell Law School
Aug 12      George Washington (NYC Program)
Aug 15      Rutgers University (Newark)
Aug 19      New York Law School
Aug 19      St. John's University
Aug 19      University of North Carolina
Aug 20      Duke University
Aug 22      Columbia University
Aug 22      Fordham University
Aug 22      Georgetown University
Aug 22      Notre Dame
Aug 24      Benjamin N. Cardozo
Aug 24      NYU School of Law
Aug 25      Boston C/Boston U (NY Program)
Aug 29      American University (NY Program)
Aug 31      Seton Hall University


Sep 01      Michigan
Sep 07      Pennsylvania Law
Sep 13      University of San Francisco
Sep 19      Stanford
Sep 20      Hastings College of Law
Sep 21      University of California Berkeley
Sep 26      University of San Diego
Sep 26      Virginia Law


Oct 11      Harvard Law School

If we are not recruiting on your campus, please send a cover letter, resume and transcripts to:

Frommer Lawrence & Haug LLP
745 Fifth Avenue
New York, New York 10151
Attn.: Porter F. Fleming
or e-mail: resume@flhlaw.com

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